Faculty of Agricultural Technology

Department Brief

The university presently offers a smart, innovative and dynamic academic program in the Department of Agricultural Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering (ABGE) which leads to a degree in Bachelor of Science (BSc.) in Agricultural Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering. The aim of this program is to add value, improve skills, empower smart thinking and provide significant education to students in fundamentals of biological sciences, smart agriculture systems, biotechnology and genetics, balanced with the applications of acquired knowledge in biotechnology for enhancing agricultural production and contributing to food security.

In this undergraduate program, we adopt the systems-biology approach; we explore, search and analyze agricultural cases and phenomena to better understand interactions among agricultural components (soil, plants, animals, environment, climate and humans) that will lead to technological progresses in providing farmers with tools and resources to make agriculture more profitable, welfare and sustainable. The teaching and research curriculum were developed to enrich and add value for students’ learning and knowledge which will enable them to develop skills and competencies for addressing issues and opportunities related to food, water, energy and environment, as well as integrating sustainability and holistic approaches at the social, economic, environmental and political levels.